Truly Global Capital

Carlton Group’s long history of innovative thinking in the commercial real estate market has made it a leader in global capital markets. Carlton Group is able to generate billions of dollars of debt and equity financing on competitive terms due to the group’s decades of relationship and trust building with overseas investors. Carlton Group maintains several offices in Europe to help and routinely raises funds from high-net-worth individuals, managed funds, and syndicators in the UK, Spain, Germany and Greece.

Carlton Group also maintains strong relationships with investors in the Middle East, including access to both personal and sovereign wealth.

As capital markets have become truly global, Carlton Group’s Far East division has been at the forefront of the recent Chinese investment boom in New York City and across the United States. Carlton Group has found so much success in Asia, that the group recently expanded its Far East equity team to better serve the needs of both clients and investors.

Carlton Group remains a leader in international commercial real estate financing because of the honesty, proven commitment to success, and consistent return on investment that we bring to investors. By connecting global capital with local knowledge, Carlton Group is financing the next wave of iconic real estate projects.

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Michael Campbell, CEO


Carlton Group European Division