A Firm that Evolves with the Market

Founded in 1991, Carlton Group is one of the most successful international real estate investment advisory firms in operation. Since its inception, Carlton Group has identified and capitalized on undervalued properties through the use of innovative strategies. Despite a depressed market in the early 90s, Carlton Group (and CEO Howard Michaels) generated billions of dollars packaging and auctioning collections of distressed commercial properties. As the securitization market evolved, so did Carlton Group – moving into financing and helping clients arrange complicated multi-tranched debt transactions like credit default swaps.

In the mid-to-late 90s, Carlton Group expanded its service offerings, raising equity for commercial real estate projects. Since 1998, Carlton group has raised billions of dollars in debt and equity capital for some of the most high profile developments in the United States and abroad.

Carlton Group’s newest division is a rapidly growing merchant banking portfolio. Carlton Group owns and manages in excess of three million square feet of commercial, residential and retail space. Carlton Group frequently co-invests with clients either by participating in putting up deposit money or co-investing in the sponsor equity.

As the financial market has increasingly globalized, Carlton Group has kept pace with trends by cultivating strong relationships with investors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With foreign capital now involved in 20% of domestic commercial real estate transactions, Carlton Group is well positioned to continue serving our clients in effective, innovative ways now and into the future.

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