Recapitalization and Restructuring

Carlton has been one of the most active and successful restructuring experts since the beginning of the credit crunch, having completed approximately $40 billion of loan workouts and discounted loan payoffs within the last three years.

We have an in depth knowledge of both securitized and balance sheet financings, along with an excellent understanding of the complex documentation and inter-creditor agreements which guided these transactions. We are also totally conversant with the current “technology” which sets the basis for a mutually acceptable loan restructure and/or modification. Moreover, being one of the most prolific originators of securitized debt “pre-credit crunch”, we understand how these multi-tranched capital stacks work and have the unique ability to assess and negotiate these documents with servicers and other secured parties. We also possess tremendous access to non-traditional debt and equity capital sources which allow us to facilitate the funding of a DPO or par payoff, which is presently how many over-leveraged loan positions are being satisfied.


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Michael Campbell, CEO


Recapitalization and Restructuring