Nuevo Centro Car Park, Valencia, Spain

September 4, 2019

The Carlton Group acted as the Exclusive Financial and Real Estate Advisor to Nereida Mediterránea on this landmark Transaction.

The deal consisted in the sale of Nuevo Centro Car Park, one of the largest off-street car parks in Spain, located in Valencia city center and adjacent to the largest shopping center, with attractive anchors such as Inditex Group, Mercadona, C&A, Benetton, Mango and several food-court units. It comprises almost 2,700 parking spaces on a built area over 74,300 sq.m. It is one of the three largest singular private car parks’ sale closed in Spain in the last two decades.

The Carlton Group has shown its superior skills in structuring, executing and closing real estate transactions at optimum terms for seller and buyer, due amongst others to its highly experienced real estate investment banking executives and its astonishing worldwide investors’ network throughout its global offices, led by the prestigious Spanish team.

Carlton Group deployed an unparalleled marketing strategy and run a transparent world-wide competitive negotiated process throughout its global office network. It also prepared high quality financial and marketing materials, answered hundreds of questions to investors and had a key and active role in all negotiations for the successful closing, that included a debt write-off from the existing financing bank.

Seller’s CEO stated: “The sale process run by Carlton Group Iberia has been truly excellent, due to Carlton’s enormous corporate finance and real estate structuring knowledge, the top quality materials and financial analysis that they produced for the Transaction, their enormous and privileged access to international and national capital and the excellent service to seller and buyers provided by Carlton Group Iberia during the entire investment sale process”.

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Michael Campbell, CEO


Nuevo Centro Car Park, Valencia, Spain