Logistics, Industrial, and Office Complex in Valencia, Spain

September 4, 2019

The Carlton Group acted as the exclusive financial and real estate advisor to an important Spanish multinational company in the sale transaction of its headquarters and main industrial & logistic real estate assets (with a total area of approximately 35,000 sq.m.) located in Spain. 

Assets included in the transaction comprised four properties designed for a wide variety of uses: offices (headquarters), logistics & storage, production plants, research & development, showroom, outlet, etc.

The Assets have been sold to an ‘off-radar’ consortium of investors from one of the Baltic Republics, representing their first real estate transaction in Spain so far.

Carlton Group shown its capacity and credibility to access several traditional and ‘off-radar’ sources of capital world-wide. Carlton deployed top quality skills in order to structure, execute and close a real estate transaction by organizing a full professionalized process, which has made the transaction a total success for the seller and buyer. Carlton Group has also negotiated the acquisition financing with top Spanish banks in order to make the transaction feasible.

Seller’s CEO stated: All the materials prepared by Carlton (Exclusive Advisor to the Seller) have been very impressive. Carlton’s role due to its enormous corporate finance and real estate structuring knowledge, its high negotiating skills, its world-wide marketing capacity and access to alternative sources of capital and full and professional dedication throughout the whole process have been very relevant for the successful closing”.

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Michael Campbell, CEO



Logistics, Industrial, and Office Complex in Valencia, Spain