Carlton Group Bringing $6B in Investment Opportunities to Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Dubai

Carlton Group CEO Howard Michaels

November 19, 2015

NEW YORK — The Carlton Group chairman Howard L. Michaels and senior executives will be traveling to Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Dubai on November 2-10 to discuss $6 billion in real estate transactions in key markets across the United States and Northern Europe.


Plummeting oil prices and turmoil in the Middle East have caused substantial reassessment of the stability of financial investments across the region. According to the International Monetary Fund, Middle East growth is projected at a discouraging 2.5 percent as the area faces a projected $360 billion drop in revenues this year. These ongoing tumultuous conditions have oil-exporting countries seeking safe havens such as Manhattan real estate for their investments.


Investment in the United States real estate market stands out as an appealing opportunity for Middle East investors to diversify their assets due to the relatively stable currency and prospective growth in key markets within the country. “The demand for new residential and commercial development in New York and other parts of the US and Europe is practically insatiable,” said Howards. “We are proud to bring international investors these highly sought after debt and equity transactions we control.” The Carlton Group’s top executives are personally traveling to the region to provide expert counsel and partnership to Middle East investors.


The Carlton Group, founded in 1991, is an international real estate advisory investment bank and executes a dual strategy of either direct investment with clients or representation of top real estate owners to raise equity and debt in large real estate projects in Manhattan, and throughout the United States and Europe. Since its founding, The Carlton Group has completed over $125 billion of worldwide transactions.


Given the strong demand potential in the Middle East for profitable U.S. and European real estate projects, the Carlton Group is scheduling meetings with new clients to learn the types of transactions they are seeking and introduce them to appropriate investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Dubai.


The Carlton Group is a sponsor at the Super Return Middle East 2015 conference in Dubai, November 8 – 11, and encourages new and potential clients to visit them during the conference or request a meeting at their office.


To learn more or schedule a meeting, please contact The Carlton Group:

Howard Michaels


Kevin Swill


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