Asset Realization Recapitalizations Prevail As Owners Prefer To Recap Rather Than Sell

April 23, 2017

We encourage you to contact us to discuss recapitalizing your most important assets with well priced international capital which are hungry for transactions in New York and other major US cities. Continuing low interest rates with an increase in property valuations (particularly on cash flowing assets) are allowing property owners to recapitalize assets to a mark to market valuation while still remaining in ownership to continue benefiting from management fees and further upside. The foregoing, coupled with super attractive low rate financing from investment banks hungry to put out capital is creating a perfect storm for borrowers to recapitalize on truly exceptional terms.

We are currently closing more than $2 billion of transactions and are besieged with capital requests from our European, Asian and Sovereign Wealth relationships who are looking to invest with quality operators in good transactions.

In addition, contrary to what you may be reading at this moment in time there is actually more construction dollars available for good projects than at any time within the last two years, and encourage you to contact the undersigned to provide equity and/or debt for your transitional and development projects as well.


Howard L. Michaels

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