$3 Billion Of Manhattan Structured Condominium, Hotel And Mixed Use Projects

November 11, 2016

Outlined below, please find several outstanding New York real estate investments.


28% IRR on $80 Million Preferred equity on Iconic New York Manhattan Retail, Hotel and Mixed Use Project – This project is arguably one of the best mixed use projects in Manhattan and includes some of the best condominium water views along with a top six star international hotel brand which will be providing services to residents and high street retail. The projected returns here are likely more than 30% and the developer is one of the best in Manhattan.


36% IRR And True 4.85x On New York $50 Million Investment Opportunity – We are the exclusive advisor to a best in class sponsor group who is interested in recapitalizing and partnering with you on one of the top real estate projects in New York. This is an exceptional profit making opportunity and the asset has fabulous retail, F&B, parking and a truly unique operating business component.


Libor 800 on $235 Million (60% LTC) Construction Loan First Mortgage Secured By As of Right, Ready to Go Manhattan Rental and Condominium Project – The foregoing senior loan opportunity will have close to $200 million of subordinate equity making this a great risk adjust opportunity for senior lenders.


Iconic Times Square Hotel Retail and LED Signage Redevelopment – This transaction requires approximately $200 million of preferred equity which will make better than a 25% IRR. The property enjoys one of the best locations in Times Square and has a magnificent retail and hotel repositioning plan. This is an existing asset which will be redeveloped which will make better than a 4x equity return.


To learn more about this hospitality investment opportunity please fill out the form below and/or visit our registration page at https://carltongroup.com/investor-registration/.

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$3 Billion Of Manhattan Structured Condominium, Hotel And Mixed Use Projects