January 16, 2018

Carlton Group Chairman Howard L. Michaels has announced that Carlton will now be offering its excellent debt and equity programs to borrowers through its Carlton Group website located at

Carlton has been in business since 1991 and has closed more than $100 billion in transactions. Carlton specializes in arranging debt and equity for transitional projects including arranging construction loans for all types of assets with a particular expertise on condominiums and hotel transactions. Carlton also has access to multiple balance sheets lenders who will fund cash flowing properties with maximum leverage.

Managing Director Steve Weiss commented “Borrowers will be able to tap into Carlton’s tremendous experience, technology, and Wall Street balance sheet relationships to help borrowers easily get the best debt and equity terms by simply submitting your deal information through the Carlton website and then working with a highly trained Carlton professional who will facilitate obtaining the proceeds on the best possible terms.”

Director Paul Wolfson added “The advantage of working with Carlton is not only do we have technology expertise but we are a real estate company which has financed billions of transactions and has the fundamental know-how and relationships to get your deal done on the best possible terms.”

The process works as follows:

            Go to the Carlton website ( to submit loan details and upload documents. A Carlton representative will then process the transactions and contact you. Shortly thereafter we will provide you with several offers for your project.

We encourage you to submit your deals so that we can get you’re your commercial real estate financings closed in the most expeditious manner possible.

Howard L. Michaels


The Carlton Group 
560 Lexington Avenue – 10th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 716-5607 office
(212) 867-1305 fax

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